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Decoration workshop

Online reservation.

Option 2

• An introductory workshop 2 hours to ceramics and pottery in a professional workshop (materials, clay and tools included) .

• Includes turning, shaping, cooked with 2 rooms and decor.

• A second workshop from 2 pm decorative pieces made during the previous introductory workshop (hardware, paint included ) cooked (with glaze ) 2 pieces included

How to register on the calendar : 


Choose the date and time that works best for you by checking with a cross, enter your name, e-mail will be asked confidentially when you register. If the bottom of the chosen date column indicated 8/8, that means the studio that day is full, you have to choose another date.



You are more friends to register on the same date, add 1, 2, 3, ... .after your name. example:



fred.3 (Example 3 people who want to share this workshop at the same time.)


After choosing your date with one click, go to the "SAVE" icon after each name in the bottom right of the calendar (under the latest proposed date). Note: If you are 3, I have read three names on three different lines on the calendar.


*You can change your reservation anytime by going to the link above, but please do not change the dates without telling me once you have received confirmation of your workshop by email the week before the date of your workshop.


 *In the event that not enough people have registered on the same date (Minimum 4 people) I would be obliged to ask you to move your reservation date.

It' wasn't happened yet!


The decoration workshop, will be a different date (two different calendars), about 1 week or more after your introductory workshop, decoration calendar link) maximum two months. The total amount and applicable taxes will be claimed at the first workshop. Taxes will be requested during the introductory workshop at Pottery with all coupons purchased online.


Thank you for choosing my workshop.



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